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Cheer Up!

James is at a point this week where everything sets him off.  He is SO whiny and fusses about everything.

Today after daycare, he’s home, munching on goldfish, and just whining and asking to be picked up and held.

So I picked him up and looked at him and said:

"You need to cheer up buddy.. why are you complaining?  Life’s pretty darn good.  You have parents that love you and take care of you. You have a full belly.  You eat snacks all day. You have clean clothes.  And you have people wipe your butt for you."

And then I heard God say, “Yup, and the same applies to you too” except for the butt wiping part.

Lately I’ve been just.. unhappy. Unhappy with my job.  Unhappy with being a working mom.  Unhappy around the house.  

Now I can see God looking at me the same way that I do with James, and saying:

"Cheer up buddy! Life’s not so bad."